What is the PAD POINT?

The DIGITAL ATTENTION POINT is a new free digital advisory service for companies, businesses, freelancers and unemployed people in order to improve their digital skills.

 You can now request an appointment at the nearest PAD POINT in your area. 



  • Individualized advice will be provided to entrepreneurs, SMEs and self-employed people in the region to improve their competitiveness and business consolidation.
  • Whether you have a company or a business idea and you have doubts about how to grow on the Internet or improve your online presence. 
  • We solve your marketing and digital communication doubts, such as: how to start selling online, contracting a domain, linking Instagram and Facebook, among other queries. 

YOU CAN CONTACT US AT 674 76 40 81 / 673 32 26 50


  • Group and individual sessions are integrated to provide unemployed people in the region with the resources and digital tools necessary to improve their job search process. 
  • We will accompany you in improving and expanding your digital skills to achieve your professional goal, how to learn to create an online CV, improve your image on social networks, live interviews, in short, improve your digital skills. 

YOU CAN CONTACT US AT 687 00 44 60 / 670 71 2418

If you are actively looking for a job you will find us at: 

BENIFAIOSanta Barbara, 42 

CARCAIXENTMarquesa de Montortal, 54

SUECA. LUDOTECA. Cronista Ribera. 

CULLERACervantes, 9

ALGINET. EPA Hort de Feliu s/n

CATADAU. Plaça Juan José Marín 7. 

L' ALCUDIA. Picasso 16. 

If you want to improve your company's presence on the Internet, we will assist you at: 

BENIFAIOSanta Barbara, 42 

CARCAIXENTMarquesa de Montortal, 54

SUECA. Avenida Ferrocarril, 0 SN

CULLERACervantes, 9

ALGINET. Major, 15

L'ALCUDIA. Plaça País Valencià, 8