Market Ribera de Xúquer

The Market Ribera de Xuquer is an initiative that aims to promote and encourage businesses in La Ribera de Xuquer to make the leap to the sale On Line. Neighborhood commerce and traditional stores do not cease to be so by offering their products and services on the Internet.

Thanks to your purchases these merchants or self-employed can compete with the big chains that operate on the Internet but with the added value that with these purchases you are favoring your neighborhood store with the quality of the products of always, traditional, km 0 and proximity. -Some of these products are certified organic and environmentally sustainable, so you can bet on a cleaner and closer future!

It is a virtual showcase for you to locate typical products of La Ribera de Xúquer how rice, persimmon, sweets, honey, chocolate and those stores that follow their processes in an artisanal way. In short, these purchases fall directly on local businesses and generate hundreds of jobs. 

If you are a business and want your products to appear on this website completely free of charge, please contact us.

For businesses/companies: