LA RIBERA IMPULSA 4.0 is a program of social innovation, comprehensive, participatory and dynamic of PATER (Pacte Territorial per a l'Ocupació en la Ribera) that, through the use of new technologies and digitization, aims to improve the employability of people and promote innovation and digital entrepreneurship of companies. This program began on March 31, 2017 and is still ongoing today.

Its objective is to boost business digitalization, the program has a training and advisory service for SMEs and self-employed people in the region of Ribera de Xúquer with the aim of increasing visibility and competitiveness through digital transformation and the implementation of new technologies.

The VII edition will run from April 9, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

This project, funded entirely by LABORA, began with the dissemination and presentation of the project through working meetings with the social agents (AEDLs) of the different municipalities of the Ribera del Xúquer, and with the directors of the LABORA spaces located within the intervention territory. The aim of these meetings is to publicize the project and establish a line of collaboration.

  • Improve participants' professional and personal self-knowledge.
  • Acquire and apply the appropriate tools for the active search of work.
  • Supporting the team and fostering collaborative work through digital tools
  • To know the resources and the labor market of the region.
  • Acquire information on regulated training and vocational training for employment.
  • Raise awareness of the importance and the need to incorporate business digitalization in the associative network of the region.
  • To promote networking and collaboration between companies and self-employed people.
  • To train companies and businesses in digital marketing.
  • Diagnose and analyze the digital situation of each participating company.
  • Take advantage of business associations to promote business xarxes at the same time that social and business participation is promoted.
  • To value the primary sector among the population: employment in this sector, especially in agriculture.
  • To adapt the profiles to the needs of the companies because there is a lack of qualification in profiles of the primary sector.
  • To professionalize the primary and tourism sector, which would give impulse to the generational relay.
  • Innovation in agriculture: agro-digitization by improving the management of digitalization tools both for companies and the unemployed.
  • Training in transversal basic skills: working on "attitudes" as well as "aptitudes".
  • Betting on sustainability in all economic sectors.
  • Promote new businesses and inclusive economic growth through solidarity initiatives, strategic cooperation and synergies with emerging sectors that have developed as a result of Covid 19.
La Ribera Impulsa Editions