The area of economic promotion of the CONSORCI DE LA RIBERA

It is the area responsible for coordinating and directing the PATER (Pacte Territorial per l’Ocupació de la Ribera). (Pacte Territorial per l'Ocupació de la Ribera). This body provides support services to business initiatives, in addition to the Employment and Local Development Agency (AEDL), the department of economic promotion supports all kinds of initiatives for employment.

The general objective of this area is to encourage the development, design and promotion of actions that favor employment, improve the labor market and the sustainable socioeconomic development of the Ribera del Xúquer. 

It aims to improve the competencies and personal and professional skills of unemployed people for their insertion in the labor market, as well as to encourage the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, favoring the creation and consolidation of companies and promoting self-employment as a way to generate wealth and access to the labor market. In addition to promoting networking and cooperation of AEDLS (Employment and Local Development Agencies) in the region.

PATER has a public service of special interest for entrepreneurs and businessmen: the PAIT (Advice and Initiation of Procedures Point), integrated in the Information Center and Business Creation Network (CIRCE) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

The provision of these PAIT services is face-to-face and totally free of charge for the entrepreneur. It has a dual function:

  • To provide information and advisory services to entrepreneurs in the definition of their business initiatives (in any of their different corporate forms) and during the first years of the company's activity.
  • Start the administrative process of incorporation of the new company telematically through the Single Electronic Document (DUE), which combines several administrative procedures and forms in a single process.

The Mancomunidades de la Ribera Alta and de la Ribera Baixa form the Consorci de la Ribera, which has the purpose of managing collaboration agreements between the two mancomunidades and other organizations.

The dependent areas of the Consorci de la Ribera are :

Economic promotion area
Which carries out active policies of employment and labor insertion.

Energy Area
Which promotes energy saving and the use of renewable energies.

Tourism area
Which manages the regional tourism planning.

Environmental education area
That promotes a good use of renewable energy.

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