The Regional Agreement for Employment is an autonomous organization of local character created on July 26, 2004 within the Consortium of La Ribera. It has its own legal personality, as well as administrative and economic autonomy. The objective of Pater is to achieve in Ribera de Xúquer a permanent economic development capable of generating a sustained growth from the effort of the endogenous productive resources, from the creation and consolidation of businesses and from the regularization of the labor market, favoring the insertion of all the people who wish to have access to a job under equal conditions.

The main driving force for self-sustained development is to create a regional productive fabric based on the development of a system of companies that take advantage of the potential of the region. In particular, two necessary conditions can be established in order to reach an effective development.

Entrepreneurial Capacity: It has to be the result of both the constitution of a qualified entrepreneurial team and the creation of a regional system capable of promoting innovative, competitive and consolidated initiatives in the market.
Labor market: The detection of the evolution and tendencies of the labor market in the region will allow anticipating changes by designing action measures that favor the adjustment between supply and demand, the insertion of groups with higher risks of labor exclusion, the identification of occupation niches, the promotion of professional diversification or the detection of new professional profiles.
Likewise, as a result of the articulation of these processes, the aim is to guarantee safety at work, environmental protection and equal opportunities for insertion and employment.

The PATER program (Territorial Pact for the Occupation of La Ribera) is financed by Labora and the European Social Fund. It is formed by the Consorcio de la Ribera (which brings together the Mancomunidades de la Ribera Baixa and Alta) and also involves different business associations such as FEDALCIS (Federation of Local Associations of Commerce and Industry of La Ribera) and the Alzira Business Association, the CCOO and UGT trade unions.